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Things to do at a glance

Roatan offers a wide range of aquatic and land-based activities. It's no secret that Scuba Diving is a primary attraction for tourist from all over the world. But when visitors arrive, they find that Roatan Island offers much more than traditional Scuba Diving. If you would prefer to have a discussion about Things To Do in Roatan before your arrival, you can do so on our Community Forum.  





It should go without saying that Roatan offers world-class scuba diving. Roatan sits on the second largest barrier reef in the world, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Second only to Fishing, Scuba Diving is the most popular attraction on the island. 




Roatan is an affordable island. The same can be said about the fishing as the price is driven mainly by boat size. You can find experienced boat captains on all size boats. So depending on your group size, chances are you'll be able to find an affordable charter to take you out for a few hours. 




Gumbalimba Park is a family-friendly attraction that offers its visitors to Roatan the opportunity to mingle with friendly white-face Capuchin monkeys and free-flying exotic birds (Including macaws, parrots, and hummingbirds). Visitors can spot indigenous lizards and iguanas all around the park. 

Big French Key Roatan


Dive into the infamous Mayatlantis (a scenic underwater museum with replica structures from the Mayan civilization). Big French Key is a private cay, about 11 and ½ acres in size, surrounded by breathtaking turquoise waters and is located along the southern coast of Roatan Island. Visitors have to take an easy 5 to 10-minute boat ride from Lion Fish Landing (dock), located on the main island, to get to the Cay.




Wanna know what its like to fly? Wanna know what its like to swim like a dolphin? Combine the two and you have the Roatan Subwing. Imagine yourself being pulled by a boat while holding on to an underwater wing. Bring you GoPro, we'll mount it. 




Enjoy the beauty of the underwater world without getting wet and out of the reach of sea creatures! - Most of what is worthwhile lives inside of 30 feet of water. This glass bottom boat tour will provide exposure to Roatan's beautiful barrier reef. 

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Mangroves are an important part of Roatan's habitat. Further, they make for excellent tours!. There are a variety of mangroves on Roatan and they are best understood and viewed on a mangrove tour. Tour operators will fill you in on both the local history of the area and also the important role mangroves play in Roatan's ecosystem


from 140.00


You don't have to get wet to have fun in Roatan. Dune Buggy Tours are an excellent way to enjoy the island of Roatan. You will experience great views and vantage points of Roatan while on tour. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. 




Snorkeling on any Caribbean island can be a treat. But there are a few beaches in and around Roatan that make snorkeling a true joy. West Bay and West End both offer sheltered waters which make sure good snorkeling. The "wall" is only a few feet away from the shoreline so getting to spectacular underwater views of the coral reef is particularly easy in Roatan. 




Snorkeling can quickly turn into Freediving. Swim out to about 30 feet (10 meters) of water, find a sandy patch, hold your breath, reach for the sandy bottom, and away you go. Without a doubt, it will one of the most fantastic experiences of you life. 




Anthony's Key and Bailey's Key are home to the best dolphin encounter in Roatan. The encounter begins when you cross the lagoon from the main island of Roatan onto Bailey's Key. The encounter is interactive and excellent for children and adults alike. While on Bailey's key you'll have the opportunity to learn and interact with dolphins. 


Roatan Live Music Scene


You cannot download a live music experience. That is true in an urban setting and its true on Isla Roatan. There is something magical about listening to live music, in a poorly lit bungalow, and right on the beach. Before you leave for Roatan, print out the Live Music Scene schedule. 




Little French Key is one of Roatan's most interesting hangouts on Roatan. Little French Key is first and foremost a private residence!, but you'll never know it.  They have a mini zoo, pristine beaches, a nice diving platform. The Key is open everyday except on Monday's. This little key has a "care-free" vibe and offers a full bar and limited food options. Probably one of the most photo-centric locations on the island.


West End Roatan


West End is a must stop spot while on Roatan. It is a local town with its main street traveling parallel to the waterfront. West End has excellent restaurants and shops for tourist to enjoy an afternoon scroll. Further to all this, the town comes to life after the sun sets and makes for a lively and entertaining evening


West Bay Beach Roatan


West Bay is one of the Roatan's main attractions. The beach is known for its tranquil waters, excellent snorkeling, shore entry scuba, and an array of waterfront activities. Tourist coming off of cruise ship flock to the beach for a few hours while the ship is docked. West Bay is a popular shore excursion for visitors. If you are new to Roatan, this is a destination you do not want to miss. 


For a list of Noteworthy Operators, visit the Roatan Tourism Bureau ™ website.