Clinic Hours of Operation

8am - 5pm;  Mon – Sat
8am - 12pm: Sunday

International Partnership:

THE HYPERBARIC CHAMBER IN ROATAN is located near Anthony's Key Resort. It is live saving tool for scuba divers. The Cornerstone Hyperbaric Chamber & Clinic offers dependable healthcare to commercial and recreational scuba divers in and around Roatan. The clinic also offers general care to the local community and resort guest. Demand for medical services has allowed the clinic to grow from a small 400 square foot wood building to a larger location complete with an emergency room, and X-Ray room, and two consultation rooms. The clinic also has one a laboratory, an observation room, and a pharmacy.

Hyperbaric Chamber Partnership with DAN

A recent partnership between the Cornerstone Hyperbaric Chamber and DAN (Divers Alert Network) has resulted in an extension of an international network of chambers through DAN's International Preferred Providers Network (IPPN). The International Network (IPPN) ensures the availability of quality, low-cost, specialized medical care for divers insured and covered by DAN insurance. 

The clinic is staffed by three medics and an EMT laboratory technician. 

Cornerstone Hyperbaric Chamber & Medical Clinic has grown to one of Roatan's most established clinics. The clinic has served the local community for many years and has ensured the safety of many local residents and visitors alike. Because of poor government funding, the clinic does accept donations. Donations are welcomed and can be made directly to Anthony's Key Resort.