Roatan Online™

Roatan Online™ is an Online Community dedicated to servicing the interest of Roatan's residents. By providing relevant, current, and quality content to people visiting Isla Roatan, people living on Roatan, and people looking to move to Roatan island. Roatan Online offers an events calendar for Roatan, a comprehensive list of things to do, and a good overview of the island and its major industries like Fishing, and Scuba Diving. We believe that an Online Community, outside of the mainstream social media platforms is important. Some of the benefits of establishing an online community outside of mainstream social media networks are mentioned below. 

Roatan Community

Roatan Online Community is both a directory and guide and a resource for Roatan residents and visitors to Roatan. Roatan Online is also an Online Community of people who love and live in Roatan. Roatan Online Community connects local business owners to each other and more importantly, Roatan Online Community connects tourist directly with local business owners and operators. This online connection, between travelers and local operators, enhances and ensures that trips to Roatan island will be productive and memorable. 

Moderator Controls - Our Community Platform gives us greater control over the trust levels that we provide to each joining member, and each participates on our community page. Social media platforms, generally only allow for admin and moderators to either accept a member into the community or reject them. But in our community, we can assign trust levels so that new comments have temporary restrictions on their privileges when then first join. These restrictions are removed over time as our software detects good behavior patterns. 


Personal & Corporate Identities - Social media platform require users to state their names and to "friend" or "follow" one another based on each others profile. And while this philosophy is good for smaller communities and groups, it doesn't always work well with larger online communities like Roatan Online Community. Roatan Online is a large community with an array of contributors and members. Members are allowed to use their corporate names as their primary brand or username. Members can also opt to use avatars for fun or the benefit of their privacy. In many ways, avatars allow users to ask and or comment freely without the exposure of being ridiculed. in years past, this anonymity also enabled users to be disrespectful towards one another, but that is something Roatan Online Community has eliminated by having strong moderators and trust levels. 

Quality Moderators - Our moderators are the same across all channels and discussion boards. Social media admins change based on founded the group. Social media groups vary cover a variety of topics, and each group has a different moderator. Response times vary from one group to another, etc. But at Roatan Online, our community moderators are the same across all channels. Our moderators are well connected across industries and service types and can usually get quality responses quickly. 


In addition to its over-aching service and content offerings, Roatan Online is a network of individually stand alone websites which are manned and operated by individual business owners and operators. These individual business owners and the sites they lease from Roatan Online are Roatan Partner websites. The websites are uniform and developed under similar quality standards. Partner websites work together to offer visitors solutions to their travel needs. The "Roatan.Taxi" partner will handle transportation, while the "Roatan.Tours" partner handles site tours and onshore excursions in Roatan. All this of course, after a nice cup of coffee over as "Roatan.Cafe."

Below are a few domain names which form part of Roatan Online Community. Our aim is to develop each of these domains for the benefit of our community members. If you are a member of Roatan Online Community and are interested in being represented under anyone of these domains, please be sure to contact us here or contact our Head of Community in our discussion board