iSOAR ROATAN is sailboat which is moored in the sheltered waters of Halfmoon Bay, Roatan. The sailboat has been retrofitted with dive platforms, rope swings, and rock climbing footholds. iSoar is free to the public, and it is quickly becoming a Roatan favorite. The iSoar sits in about 20 ft of water with a seagrass bottom. There are patches of sand here and there, but most of the bottom is covered in with seagrass. The Coral Reef system is located just a few strokes away. 


Visitors to iSoar generally access the sailboat from The Beach House or from the dock of the Institute of Deepsea Exploration in Roatan. The sailboat is a 'swim at your own risk" environment, and it is highly recommended that children be accompanied by adults. 

The iSoar sailboat is only a short swim away, and many choose to snorkel out to the boat. We recommend keeping your eyes down and paying attention to the variety of life that exists among the seagrass bottom. It is normal to see moray eels, octopus, starfish, conch, and other marine animals such as eagle rays. 

iSoar Photos

From "eyesore" to "iSoar"

iSoar was built by the same folks who run a private Deep Sea Submarine operation the Roatan Institute of Deepsea Exploration. Early on, a resident made much to do about the newly anchored sailboat and called it an "eyesore." That served as an inspiration to the builder of the boat, who then cleverly changed the name of the sailboat from "High-Flyer" to "iSoar." Today, the sailboat is a favorite low-cost entertainment activity for both locals and tourist. 


Map of iSoar



  • Dimensions: 13ft (l) x 6ft (w), 7 ft (t)

  • Displacement: 4 tons

  • Capacity: 1 pilot, 2 passengers

  • Conning Windows: 9 windows

  • Passenger Windows: 30 inch diameter dome

  • Design Depth: 3000 feet

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