West End, Roatan offers some of the best shopping on Roatan. West End is a long-standing village on the northwest side of Roatan. Among other things, West End is home to Roatan's nightlife, restaurants, dive shops. Because West End is situated in a Cove, it is a favorite place for fishermen to put in for day's worth of fishing. West End is also home of Roatan's Water Taxi. The sheltered water makes it a perfect place for water taxies to stow their boats overnight. Water Taxi connects West End to West Bay via a pleasant 10-minute boat ride.


Photos of West End 


A Day at a Glance

West End has several excellent restaurants and places to stay. West End has something going on at all times. Early in the morning fishermen kick the day of, followed by Dive shops and eateries. After the noon hours, water activities begin to slow, and the restaurant scene comes to life. West End is special in that all which you need is within walking distance. 

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The West End Strip

West End has one main road running through it. The main street skirts the waterfront, placing you right in between the Caribbean Sea on the one side and restaurants and shops on the other. The street can get crowded after house with pedestrians walk up and down bar hoping. The day ends late into the night with live music and a gentle sea breeze. 

West End Cove

West End is located on a cove with protected water. The waters in West End are clear and calm. There are virtually no waves along the shoreline, making it a perfect watering hole with snorkelers and kids who just want to play in shallow water.

Swimmer Right of Way

There is a main corridor whereby boats enter and leave the area, so be sure to stay clear of that area, and you'll have an excellent time enjoying the waters around West End. At a minimum, connect with a local water taxi operator and he'll take you out for a strole. 

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A Romantic Town

West End is a romantic town. Many of the restaurants have extended their table top service to their peers. Guest can reserve candle light dinners on a peer and over water. If you time it right, you'll find yourself staring at a sunset in between meals. 

Shopping in West End Roatan

Safety Concerns

West End is among the few places to carry on after hours. So large numbers of people congregate in West End. This can, and usually is, wonderful news for those looking to have a good time while in Roatan. However, keep your witts about you. They have been reports have people getting into trouble with shady individuals looking to exploit vulnerable tourist in one way or another. Those who practice good judgment and travel in the good company usually do not have any issues what-so-ever. Be smart and enjoy your time on West End. 


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