As a general rule, Roatan.Online does not keep up with day to day or weekly events as these change quickly and are best handled by each establishment. However, there are a few annual events which repeat year over year, and they bring visitors to Roatan in large numbers. These events are also a source of tradition and entertainment for locals and travelers alike. Here is a list of events which occur each year on Roatan.



Semana Santa 

  • Occurs in April
  • Book in Advance
  • In West End/Bay

Semana Santa (Holy Week or Easter Week) also referred to as "Spring Break" in the US, takes place in March or April each year. In Honduras, as in most of Latin America, the Easter Week is a federal holiday. Semana Santa usually runs from a Thursday to a Sunday. 

Popular beaches, like West Bay, get extremely crowded for Spring Break. There is also high demand for rooms. Many resorts get booked months in advance for Semana Santa, and they are usually booked for the entire week. The island becomes very festive with live music at every turn. If you're into social gatherings, large celebrations, then Semana Santa is a great .time for you to visit Roatan. 



Music Festival 

  • Occurs in March
  • Live Music
  • In Lawson Rock

The Music Festival for the Angels in celebrated in March, and usually near Lawson's Rock. The music festival is an annual fundraiser which benefits Clinica Esperanza and the SOL Foundation. The events are well coordinated. Without a doubt, it is a great time for local live music on Roatan. Musicians gather together and play live music from different genres and a variety of styles. In recent years, the event was moved to the lawn area of Lawson Rock which has turned into the perfect venue for this outdoor music festival. 



Garifuna Festival

  • Occurs in April
  • Tribal Celebration
  • In Punta Gorda

The Garifuna people celebrate their heritage on April 12th. Most of the festivities take place in Punta Gorda, which is one of Roatan's oldest settlements. Festivities are usually scheduled for the Sunday nearest April 12th. Today, Punta Gorda is a protected and historic area. Property in Punta Gorda cannot be sold outside of the Garifuna community. The Garifuna arrived in 1797, and they settled in Punta Gorda which is located on the northeastern coastline of Roatan. The celebrations go on for the entire day. The formalities begin with a ritualistic reenactment of the Garifuna's arrival on Roatan. Locals dress the part and ride into Punta Gorda on small boats and make landfall. They reenactment quickly turns festive with beating drums, live tribal music, lots of food and a traditional drink called, Gifity. If you're on Roatan during these dates, you don't want to miss these celebrations. 



Free Diving

  • Occurs in Late Summer
  • Professional Event
  • In West Bay

Usually held in late summer, the international freediving community gathers around West Bay, Roatan for this world-renowned event. Athletes from all over the globe visit Roatan to compete across the various freediving disciplines. West Bay Roatan is uniquely qualified for these events because of its annual temperatures, clear visibility, and its geomorphological formations. The coral reef formations are perfect for deep dives just off the edge of the barrier reef. The freediving competition is not a spectator sport, but interaction with athletes is possible from the beach and in the surrounding areas as athletes break from competition. The sport is a true testament to human capabilities. It is customary for athletes to relocate to Roatan ahead of the world competitions as they look for ways to get acclimated to their surroundings and the waters of Roatan.



Fishing Contest

  • Occurs in September
  • Open to Public
  • In West End

The annual fishing tournament takes place in mid-September. The event usually coincides with Honduras' independence day. Hondurans celebrate their independence on September 15th. The island of Roatan is usually the busiest during this week. It is hard to say which week is the busiest as some claim Semana Santa is more active and more crowded. But the fact remains, this is one of Roatan's business weeks. The Fishing tournament takes place over the course of four days. This catch and release tournament has grown to be globally recognized as a popular fishing tournament for anglers from all over.