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Roatan Snorkeling is a world-class experience for many good reasons. For starters, the coral reef around Roatan is a barrier reef. As such, the reef formations are majestic and offer several unique characteristics which are not common elsewhere. Barrier reefs are loosely shaped like a wall or barrier, hence the name. The wall provides two very different snorkeling experiences. On the inside (the area between the barrier wall and the shoreline) the snorkeling experience is calm and picturesque, filled with colorful corals, turtles, and large schools of fish in sheltered waters. Outside the barrier, the water turns deep blue the current picks up, and the snorkeling experience overlooks a coral wall which disappears into the abyss. There are larger fish outside the wall and several shipwrecks along the edge of the wall. The views are spectacular.

The Queen Victoria is a newly built catamaran boat, 60 ft in length, 24 ft wide, and has two 450 lbs of horsepower engines. The double hull, large standing area, rooftop, makes for a smooth and comfortable ocean ride. The views of Roatan from the water's edge offers a beautiful perspective of Roatan. You'll have the perfect view of the islands canopy, its beaches, and most importantly, its coral reefs.

PRO TIP: Snorkeling outside the wall is only recommended for experienced swimmers who understand ocean currents.

Roatan Snorkeling tours on Queen Victoria are the top rated snorkeling tours on Roatan. So grab a mask, your snorkel, a set of fins, and join us on one of our daily snorkeling adventures in the beautiful waters around Roatan. Join us for a full day of adventure as we move the Queen Victoria around to several beaches, keys, inlets, and reefs.


Snorkeling with the crew of the Queen Victoria is a grade above going at it on your own. The crew sails out of the south, west, and northern sides of Roatan.

Snorkeling Tours pair well with visits to Gumbalimba Park and West Bay beach. A tour on the Queen Victoria is more than just a snorkeling tour; it's also a boat tour. Depending on the route you sail, the boat captain will take you to see dolphins, small cays, different beaches, and you may even find your self swinging off of a rope swing off of the iSoar boat.



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Gear & Amenities

Bring your smile and swimwear, and we'll handle the rest. Our tour operators will mask, fins, snorkels, and life jackets available in case you don't have your own.

PRO TIP: Don't forget your sunglasses!

The vessel is equipped with surround sound and two diesel engines, and it is large enough for you and your group to sit together. There are bathrooms aboard Queen Victoria so bring a change of close if you need to change into dry cloth after your snorkel.


  • Our guests are required to wear life jackets while in the water.

  • All guest must remain aboard the Queen Victoria while the engines are on.

  • There will always be a tour guide in the water with our guest and a spotter on deck.

  • Please stay off the coral. Do not touch the marine life and be sure only to leave your bubbles behind.

Snorkeling is arguably the most popular recreational activity on Roatan. This is particularly true because Roatan enjoys year-round tropical weather and crystal clear waters. The primary appeal of snorkeling is the opportunity to observe underwater marine life in a natural setting and without bulky scuba equipment. Snorkeling is also appealing because it does not require specialized training like does scuba diving.

PRO TIP: Scuba divers use snorkeling technique and gear while on the surface.



Personal Gear

  • Pros & Cons

  • Risk & Tips

  • Snorkeling Theory


Many of our guests choose to bring their equipment. There are many reasons why this may be a good idea. Here are a few of the most common reasons why you should bring your snorkel if at all possible:

  1. You will be sure the equipment fits perfectly

  2. Upgraded features like splash guards and anti-fog technology

  3. Built-in camera mounts

PRO TIP: The optimum snorkel length is 16 inches (40 centimeters) as a longer snorkel would not allow breathing when snorkeling deeper. This is because your lungs would be in a deeper water column where the water pressure would be too great, and your lungs would not be able to inflate on an inhale. The muscles that expand the lungs are just not strong enough.


When a snorkeler inhales, he takes in some of the previously exhaled air that remains in the snorkel from a previous exhale. This, in turn, can result in a build-up of carbon dioxide in the blood and that in turn can lead to hypercapnia in the worst case scenarios and over a long exposure period.

A snorkel with a smaller diameter reduces the dead volume. But smaller diameter snorkels require more exertion when breathing as the air resistance is greater.

PRO TIP: Exhaling through the nose when while snorkeling can reduce the carbon dioxide build up in the snorkel and This practice also helps keep a scuba mask clear of water.



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Full-Face Mask

  • Full-Face vs. Scuba Masks

  • Risk of Full-face Masks

  • Mask Clearing at Depth


Snorkelers usually wear the same type of mask as worn by scuba divers. This type of mask creates airspace which enables the snorkeler to see clearly underwater. The lens on these masks is commonly referred to as the "faceplate."


In recent years, a new mask has become increasingly popular. The full-face mask certainly looks futuristic, and many snorkelers prefer it over a traditional mask and snorkel. These new masks use an integrated snorkel which protrudes up from the center of the snorkelers forehead instead of along the side of the face.

Full-face masks have separate channels for exhales and intakes. Theoretically, this ensures that the user always breathes untainted, fresh air during respiration. The main danger comes from the mask fit. It must fit the full face perfectly. But because no two faces are exact, these masks should be worn cautiously. Full-face masks are better suited for sheltered water or a controlled environment like a swimming pool as the full mask must be removed in the event of flooding.

PRO TIP: Full-face masks cannot be cleared while on like a traditional scuba mask can.

Another drawback from full face mask comes from the operating the mask at depths. Snorkelers must clear their ears as they descend below the surface. Most do this by pinching the nose and gentle blowing their ears (equalizing). But full-face masks do not allow the nose to be pinched. Only users who can equalize without pinching their nose should take a full-face mask below the surface.


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Queen Victoria Location

West Bay Beach

- West Bay
- Roatan, Honduras
- 30 min from Ports



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When people think of Roatan, they immediately think about crystal clear waters. And what better way to experience the water on Roatan than aboard Queen Victoria?

Its always beautify in Roatan. Everything is usually green and pretty. We have beautiful waters. The temperature is always normal, and the water is never cold. Join us, and put a little Paya in your heart.

Roatan cries out to be explored both on land and just below the surface, so come and enjoy a boat ride on Queen Victoria and experience the best snorkeling on Roatan.

Once you go, you always know it was the right choice for you because the locals operate Queen Victoria.

Come to Roatan and get a little breeze, a little bounce, and a little rhythm. Come see the island from a different perspective, and let us help you get to that part of the reef that the locals know best.