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The professionalism was clear from the start. Communication was spot on, and the Diving was world-class!
— Ruben Valle

Ocean Connections is a top SCUBA operator in West End, Roatan. In addition to SCUBA services, Ocean Connections is the lead operator of underwater scooters. The staff is well trained and best in class. Oceans Connection is a SCUBA School International (SSI) Dive Shop. The facilities are maintained and appropriate for servicing equipment. 



B.O.S.S Adventures

  • Safe Scooters

  • Safety Divers

  • Tethered


The B.O.S.S. (Breathing Observation Submersible Scooter) “BOSS Scooter” unit is a unique and exciting underwater motor scooter that lets you explore the ocean from just below the surface. Remember the old school days when you would turn a glass upside down in a bowl of water and water would not enter the glass? Well, B.O.S.S operates of off the same the same principles. As you descend below the surface, a seal is formed, and a scuba tank supplies air to the bubble, and you breathe normally. Scooters are tethered to a large buoy and maintain a constant depth of approximately 8ft throughout the entire dive. You'll have several safety scuba divers in the water with you to keep you safe.



SCUBA School International (SSI)

Oceans Connections is located in prime real-estate on Roatan. The front of their shop faces the most popular strip in Roatan. The back side of their shop is over the water and enjoys a private dock. Ocean Connections is among the few SSI operators on the island. Most shops are PADI affiliates. Oceans Connections is a poster board for the SSI product. 

Underwater Scooters Roatan

Location & Improvements

The dive shop has been revamped, and it is newly improved. While the dive shop has been in the heart of West End for well over a decade now, it was rebuilt in 2013. The shop received new equipment, a new build out, and a new retail space. Ocean Connections also introduced its new 52-foot power catamaran to the scene. If you have not tried the underwater scooters, you should; you'll be glad that you did. 

Ocean Connections West End

Underwater Scooters

The shop now includes a shaded palapa and a small space on the front of the shop for parking. Ocean Connections maintains equipment on-site. They are an excellent turn over of their rental equipment to ensure all gear meets the highest level of performance and reliability. The dive shop has a nice deck area outback where guest can rest in between dives. Surface intervals can be enjoyed in West End.


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