Cara Cara Shark Dive
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The Cara Cara Shark Dive in Roatan is one of a kind. When translated into English, "Cara a Cara" means: "Face to Face." Cara Cara is a world famous shark dive in Roatan. It is also one of the only (if not the only) shark encounter on the island. The Dive is organized by the Waihuka Dive Center, which is located on the south side of Roatan. The Dive is sure to attract at least 10-15 Caribbean Reef Sharks that live in the area. Most of these residents are female sharks, which are larger in size. 


  • Experience Divers Welcome
  • Call in advance about filming
  • Strong currents likely


  • Approx. 70 ft max depth
  • Strong currents
  • High Walled Dive Boat
  • 30 Min. Pre Dive Orientation
  • Shark Species = Caribbean Reef Shark

Cara Cara Roatan


Cara Cara is operated by a professional Dive crew. Further to textbook Scuba Diving Safety guidelines, the Cara Cara Dive operators will debrief you on shark behavior, interaction, and current conditions.  It takes on or about 10 minutes to arrive at the dive site. Here are a few things to know: The boat walls are higher than ordinary boats. This is to prevent swells from pouring over the edge of the boat. There will be a current line for you to grab onto just as soon as you enter the water. Once the go-ahead is given to descend, divers are expected to reach the maximum depth quickly so that currents do not sweep drivers off their targets. The dive will be terminated if anyone diver cannot make the descent with the rest of the group.




The target site is a flat plateau at about 70 ft with a barrier reef wall on one side. Divers are to begin the dive on their knees at with their back towards the protective reef wall. It is not uncommon to spot the sharks during the descent so keep your eyes pealed. Once all divers are in their starting positions and accounted for, the Dive Master will instruct you to swim among the sharks for a short while. Then divers are asked to regain their position against the wall, and the shark feeding is conducted by the Dive Master. The feeding ends with the Dive Master releasing a bucket of chump to for the Sharks to compete over and just as soon as the last bite is had, the Sharks finish leaving behind loose teeth for souvenirs. 

Shark Encounter in Roatan

Cara Cars Scuba Dive in Roatan


The feeding is at its highest when the chump bucket is opened up and left alone for sharks to fight over its contents. Once the sharks have been fed, divers are encouraged to swim with the sharks. Black groupers, moray eel, and Horse-eye Jack are sure to join the scene, but you won't be paying too much importance to them as you'll have your eyes very much on the sharks. 


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