CITY DOGS SAILING is a private sailing charter service, designed to allow discerning customers to experience the vibrant, dynamic, and another side of life on the lush island of Roatan. Our charters are exclusively small-sized with a maximum of six people per trip. Whether cruising the waters of West Bay enjoying a signature cocktail and snacking on delicious cuisine or swimming through the pristine Port Royal on an exclusive snorkeling expedition or going on a guided tour through the dense mangroves of Oakridge and Jonesville, City Dogs Sailing will craft an experience to cherish for a lifetime. 

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Step aboard City Dogs, a 39’ Beneteau Oceanis 393 and step into a different world, where Captain Andrea and first mate-Steve meet all your needs. Andrea is a 20-year veteran nurse; an experienced Coast-Guard certified Captain and PADI instructor, and first-mate Steve, a former marketing executive who keeps everything running onboard and is also a PADI certified Specialty Instructor. Together with our two small dogs,  Fozzie Bear, a teddybear Schnoodle and Mischa, an Alaskan Klee Kai, we are the crew of City Dogs Sailing.

Come Sailing With Us and experience a different, private pace, away on your private excursion into the turquoise waters of the island paradise of Roatan. Take the wheel, take a seat, take a selfie, do as you please as you feel the refreshing breeze and cruise the warm coastal waters with City Dogs.

Prices include all drinks, beer, rum, wine, juice, soda, water, etc., as well as snacks, meals and complimentary snuggles with the doggies. Minimum age ten years old.