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The Roatan Rum Company is located between West End and West Bay. This is one of the stops you must not miss when visiting Roatan. Upon arriving at the Rum Company, you will find yourself on high ground and you’ll be able to see both sides of Roatan island. The Roatan lighthouse (“El Faro”) is located just across the street from the Rum Company and both experiences can be paired together as one stop. Still more, there is a small market just next to el Faro where tourist frequently purchase souvenirs.

Once you arrive at the Roatan Rum Company, the rum experts will invite you to try free samples of their artisan rums and cakes which are perfect in warm weather! - Once surrounded by the exotic smells, you will be taken to the rear door of the store which takes you to one of the most spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea. Visitors will be able to take great pictures and enjoy cold and tasty drinks at the Fusion bar.

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Roatan Rum
Roatan Rum


Flavored Rum

  • Aging to distill

  • Barrel mixing

  • Infusions


From barrel to bottle it takes approximately 1 year and up t 5 years for some of the older aging rums. Barrel aging is the first step done to the base rum distillate, in order to mellow and tame the fiery spirit which is made from fermenting sugar cane juice and distilling in a copper pot still.

Next is the blending of the rums. After resting in an assortment of different wooden barrels such as used Bourbon Barrels, newly charred American Oak barrels and used Sherry Barrels. each imparting its own unique flavor profiles into the rum and when blended together just right.

Finally, a natural infusion process is used with only natural fruits and spices, which slowly infuses the rum over the course of several weeks. The timing and duration of these infusions drastically shape the various flavors offered by the Roatan Rum Company.


  • Exotic Dark Chocolate Rum

  • Island Spiced Rum

  • Tropical Mango Rum

  • Decadent Rum Cream

  • Caribbean Coconut Rum

  • Wandering Spirit Gold Rum

  • Coffee Fusion Rum

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Artisan Rums & Cakes

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  • Rum Cakes

  • Infused Cigars


Artisan Rums sell from $25.00 to $35.00 USD, and the Handmade Caribbean Rum cakes start at $7.00 up to $39.00 for their six-pack variety.

One of the most recent features of the store is the "Blendatorium" where customers can create their flavored rum, which would be completed with a personalized label which is perfect to take as a Roatan souvenir to any family member or friend. The Blendatorium consists of choosing 1, 2 or 3 flavors of more than 50 natural extracts to design your mix once the flavor is selected. The Rum co. ”Blend Masters" will carefully mix each flavor to create the desired combination of each person, a truly unique experience for a more demanding palate.

Who wouldn't like to brag about creating their rum flavor?


What makes their rum cakes different is fresh Ingredients, never a cake mix. They use only fresh eggs, butter, whole milk, unrefined flour and of course their signature Artisan Rums.

There are six different Rum Cake flavors available:

…Basically, just like Mom would make at home
— Roatan Rum Company
  • Coconut

  • Original

  • Spiced

  • 151 Proof

  • Chocolate

  • Banana

Each cake is vacuum sealed in a special air and moisture proof bag. By removing all the air and soaking each cake in their secret rum butter glaze, they are natural preserved. They travel very well and can be taken on board cruise ships and airplane without any issues.

The Rum Co. also offers several different hand rolled Honduran Rum Infused Cigars made using their Artisan flavored rums. Further, there is a wide variety of gifts and souvenir options available. Logoed glassware, tee shirts, hats, frame-able posters and local coffee to name a few. There is truly something for everyone.



The History

  • Founders

  • Background

  • Expectations

Roatan Rum Company was founded by Frank Carusetta & Michaeleen Francis, over 10 years ago. We asked the owners how they came up with this fantastic idea of rum flavoring and artisan rum cakes, and this is what they answered.


“Well, about ten years ago I choose Roatan to retire from my previous life in Canada as a professional Chef of 25 years. After being here for approximately two years my partner Michaeleen Francis and I got bored hanging out at the beach every day, so one fateful day after she returned from Chicago Michaeleen suggested the idea of making rum cakes and rum as Roatan did not have its own Caribbean Rum, so we baked and baked each time perfecting our recipe. Finally, the verdict was in Yummy was the word, so we began offering our rum cakes to some friends who owned a small gift shop, and they took off… the rest is history, a rum brand Roatan could be proud to call its own, The Roatan Rum Company was born.”


“That’s simple FUN, our job at the Rum Company is to make sure everyone has a great time and what better way to achieve this than to offer lots of free rum and rum cake samples to each customer, as well as the WOW factor people experience while enjoying a delicious Mango Cocktail with a view.”


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