Scuba Diving Courses

Scuba Diving Packages

TIP: There are two schools of thoughts when I considering a certification ahead of a nice vacation: 1) Get it done State-side and deal with low visibility water in exchange for a full on dive experience in tropical water once you get to your destination (Roatan) or, 2) Do it all there. The problem with "doing it all there" is that it also means you have to do the classroom stuff while on an island. So the workaround is this, take an eLearning course from PADI, and then leave the water stuff for when you get to Roatan. 

Tours & Excursions

Subwing Rental
from 40.00
Dune Buggie Tours
from 155.00
Mangrove Tunnels
from 75.00
Gumbalimba Park
from 0.00


Living Waters
Private Home
Cost = $300/night

Jungle Reef Inn
Private Rooms
Cost = $55-$85/night

Casita Azul
Cottage Home
Cost = $180/night

Splash Inn
B&B Dive Hotel
Cost = $59-$89/night


Ramirez Rent A Car
Daily Rental Rate
Cost = $55-$70

Mainland Ferry
Roatan to La Ceiba
Cost = $65

Taxi Service
Cruise to West Bay
Cost = $20

Taxi Service
Cruise to West End
Cost = $15


Discover Scuba
Intro Class
Cost = $99

Refresher Course
Basic Skill Overviews
Cost = $125

Open Divers Course
Beginner Certification
Cost = $299

Advance Open Water
Advance Certification
Cost = $199

Dive Package (I)
Single Dive Package
Cost = $40/dive

Dive Package (II)
w/Mini Dive Package
Cost = $35/dive

Dive Package (III)
w/Full Dive Package
Cost = $30/dive


Gumbalimba Park
2 Hour Duration
Cost = $50

Monkey & Sloth
2 Hour Duration
Cost = $45

Little French Key
3 to 5 Hrs Day Pass
Cost = $90

West Bay Beach
4 to 6 Hrs Day Pass
Cost = $35

Mangrove Tunnels
4 to 5 Hours
Cost = $85

Glass Bottom Boat
4 to 5 Hours
Cost = $65

Dune Buggy Rides
4 to 6 Hours
Cost = $124-$180

Dolphin Encounter
1 Hour Swim
Cost = $140