Roatan offers Guided Tours both on shore and on the water. Roatan provides a complete list of adventures, excursions, tours, and onshore activities. Here, we bring you a list of noteworthy activities for you to consider. We also provide you with a list of time-tested operators which will see to it that your time in Roatan is unforgettable. Enjoy. Guided Tours in Roatan are an everyday thing. This means that our tour guides know the area well and benefit from local connections, which they will leverage on your behalf to ensure you have a memorable time while in Roatan Island. 

Subwing Rental
from 40.00
Dune Buggie Tours
from 155.00
Mangrove Tunnels
from 75.00
Gumbalimba Park
from 0.00



Roatan has an excellent group of tour and excursion operators with a wide range of knowledge on both municipalities, Roatan & Guardiola. Regardless of how you'll get to the island - on a ferry, on a plane, or on a cruise, these operators have tours that will fit your agenda and interest.