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Roatan Dreamer [Video]

Real events, experienced on Roatan inspired the Roatan Dreamer video.

After launching a service project to serve the community of Roatan through online efforts (like our Roatan Forum), our team was faced with resistance by members of a long-standing establishment who have their minds set on doing things “a certain way.” - The video serves as a reminder that progress and achievement are possible through hard work and dedication and that a loving pen can be mightier than a swinging sword!

We hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we enjoyed making it…oh! And if you feel compelled to break the internet with it, please share it!.




Video Narration:

They say that dreamers cannot be doers.
That they have limits, limits they can’t exceed and limits that keep them still.
But you must invent yourself.
And then, re-invent yourself again.
Become a life learner. - Reinvigorate yourself
…and Be Self-Taught.
Believe in yourself.
Try at will, and when you try, try time and time again...
Never give up.
And whatever you do, do it all the way.
Go the distance.
Find a familiar place to be silent and still.
Enjoy the moment...and the journey.
Do good work and aim high.
No one on earth can fully understand you, empower you, or discourage you.
The road won’t be easy, but there will be those who will encourage you along the way,
...So be thankful.
...and keep moving.
Remember, all the way...
Keep an eye out for the Rare, the Remote, and the Precious.
Fall in love.
Grow in love,
and stay in love.
— Roatan Tourism Bureau


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