Roatan Coral Reef

Coral Reef Roatan

With the support of the Coral Reef Foundation of the United States, on March 14, 2016, a project was launched on the island aimed at the implementation of a new structure that will allow the reproduction of the coral reef.

This is the use of nurseries for the planting of coral, which guarantees reproduction over a period of eight months, with results also focused on regenerating areas damaged by different effects and improving the health status of the reef.

The Minister of the Secretary of Natural Resources, Environment and Mines SERNA, José Antonio Galdámez said that in this first stage will be planted 1,200 to 2,000 corals, especially the coral deer horn and elkhorn coral that are in extinction period. "We have a great job to develop, and today we are inaugurating with pleasure the first coral nursery that will allow us to have about two thousand new corals per year," he said. The coral nursery project will begin in the Pristine Bay and Turquoise Bay areas, on this island, under the Ecotourism modality because it will allow the sustainability of the program based on the Coral Restoration Foundation model. Coral expert of the Coral Foundation, Ken Nidemair, who referred to the Caribbean reef as one of the best for the variety of species, but also highlighted the problems that exist.