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Roatan Jobs has completed an integration with ZipRecruiter. We're excited about this integration as it gets us one step closer towards modernizing recruitment efforts on Roatan. 

Employer Benefits

In our view, employers don't convey professionalism when they reduce their job openings to a facebook post. Furthermore, this practice almost always results in a backlash of unqualified respondents that inundate employers practically instantly, and continue to do so long after a position has been filled. 

Employee Benefits

By contrast, prospective employees don't do themselves any favors when they respond to employer post hastily, without a resume, and without a proper appointment. Responding to an employer is too easy through social media channels. So easy that many prospective employees don't even take a moment to read through the job posting to see if they qualify. 

There is a more professional way to post job openings and to apply for a job than to do so through social media groups.
— Roatan Jobs

The ZipRecruiter integration will add functionality to our Roatan Jobs Board. More specifically, the jobs board will now display job openings from around the United States in addition to job listings available on Roatan. 

We have three main objectives for our Roatan Jobs Board: 

  1. Modernize the recruiting platforms available on Roatan.

  2. Add a layer of professionalism in the hiring professes.

  3. Help our community find jobs available on Roatan.

  4. Help our community find jobs in the US when they are ready to return home.

Admittedly, we man and operate several successful "employment groups" on social media. As administrators of these groups, we've grown convinced that there is a better way forward for employers and for prospective employees alike to become part of the same team. For this reason, we launched the Roatan Jobs Board, and we've added functionality to the website every since. 

The new integration with ZipRecruiter will have intangible benefits for our community as search engine functionality for local employment opportunities grows. 


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