I Love ROA SCUBA Logo & T-Shirt

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"The I love logo has been around for years. In fact, it is one of the most widely recognized, imitated, and distributed logos worldwide." 

History of the I Love NYC Logo

The original "I Love New York City" logo is comprised of a capital letter "I," followed by a solid red heart, which is then followed by a capital letter "N" and the letter "Y." The logo was created by graphic artist Milton Glaser, and it first came to the scene in 1977. The logo was created to promote both the city and state of New York. The city and state were going through tough economic and cultural times. President Ford had recently denied federal aid to save NY from bankruptcy. This decision was followed by looting, and thousands were arrested. The city was in turmoil. The tourist stopped visiting the city. The NY State Department of Economic Development asked an advertising firm to create a tourist-friendly campaign so that tourist would be encouraged to return to the big apple. 

The advertising agency first established the slogan of "I love New York City" at the center of their PR campaign. Milton developed a logo while taking a taxi ride and over time the logo was developed and shaped to the logo we see today. 

Today, the trademark to the logo is held by the New York State Empire State Development (ESD) and the New York's Chief Economic Development Agency. These are the entities also responsible for licenses to its use. 


The "I Love ROA" logo is inspired by the "I Love NYC" logo. It departs from the logo in its font, the use of a lower case for the letter "i" and above all, in the heart. 

The "I love ROA" heart is a merger of the Honduran flag, the SCUBA flag, and the heart in the "I Love NYC" logo. 

What is "ROA?" 

Locals often refer to Roatan as "ROA," for short. Visitors to the Roatan call the island by its proper name initially. But after falling in love with the island of Roatan and after listening to locals refer to the island by its "ROA" nickname, visitors almost always turn a corner and adopt the term of endearment. Roatan Online Community is pleased to bring the I love ROA logo. Enjoy.