Personal Journey to Roatan

Horseback Riding in Roatan

Roatan Colored Glasses

       We found Roatan quite by accident while searching for a sunny destination four years ago; we wanted to travel somewhere no one else had been, and this little island fit the bill. The total land mass is approximately 38 miles long and 3 to 4 miles at its widest. The mean temperature on Roatan is 26 degrees Celsius with the first rainy season being June and July. The winter rainy season is from Oct to Feb. That said, I've traveled to Roatan in December and had nothing but sunny days in Feb., with no rain at all. Spanish & English are the main languages spoken on Roatan, so communication is not an issue.

Attractions in Roatan

There are many attractions for tourist to explore and now that the island has become so popular with the cruise ship industry. More and more activities are being introduced to entertain the ever growing number of shore excursions that arrive almost daily compared to the single ship per week just five years back. The island is known as the Jewel of the Caribbean mostly because of its shape but also since it's rare that you can still find a Caribbean island retaining so much of its natural character.

Camp Bay, Roatan

On my last trip to Roatan Island, I found a little gem inset into this island jewel, The Camp Bay Lodge located on the very East End of the island and it fits all the criteria for a Carribean dream destination. I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks here enjoying a diverse menu of local and international cuisine and a vast array of island cocktails. This resort is not new to the island but under new management, the grounds and accommodations and have been given dramatic improvements and upgrades, there are some room configurations which provide space for large family groups to singles and romantic rooms for couples. The staff at this resort are second to no one, and they go out of their way to take care of all your needs. You truly feel like  part of the family, I say this since I speak from experience, one night I was late getting back to the lodge and the kitchen had closed for the night but a few phone calls later  and sure enough my dinner arrived, made at one of the ladies home and delivered by the entire family on motorbike. “I truly appreciated that Becky I won't let it happen again." The beach only steps away from your room, and there are miles of undisturbed beaches to explore.

Snorkeling & Transportation in Roatan

During my stay, I was able to experience some snorkeling on the reef guided by the expert dive instructors located next to the resort. I needed only to walk a few yards down the beach, and I was standing on the dive dock no driving required, though I do recommend some transportation while staying in Camp Bay.

Horseback Riding in Roatan

The day after my trip to the second largest reef in the world I found myself riding horses in the ocean something high on my bucket list. This is something that I will never forget, the horses love the water and seem to glide through the waist-high water as they take you on an hour long ride through the jungle and then to the ocean to cool you off a definite must during your visit to Roatan. There is a saying among islanders that once you are drawn into the Roatan Vortex there is no turning back and the first time we stepped off the plane we felt the pull and now some 4 years later we are gradually  making plans to spend our retirement years nestled amongst the palm trees listening to the waves break waiting for our family and friends to drop by for a cool refreshing beverage. So if you're in the neighborhood and you need to see what I see try on my Roatan colored glasses and come see Roatan for what it truly is. 

Brian & Tammy in Roatan

Little Piece of Paradise

Horseback Ride in Roatan

Horseback Ride, Roatan

Breaking Ground in Roatan

Breaking Ground, Roatan