Why do we Live?

FREEDIVING: West Bay, Roatan

"We live not to escape life, but so that life won't escape us." 

Not only is life short, but it also sneaks up on you. By the time we realize how fleeting life is, most of us are well into adulthood. Add to that the natural aging and eventual deterioration of our bodies, and you end up with a shorter window of time than you might have expected. 

I could go on, and consider the time we'll lose to sleep, to work, and to meeting our general necessities - but I think you get my point. Our discretionary time to build memories, spend time with loved ones, and capture the scenes around us is extremely limited. 

For this reason, let's understand that we don't have a chance to waste. We must, invent ourselves, and re-invent ourselves. In other words, we are under no obligation to visit the same swimming hole twice over. We must be willing to - nay, we must change our routine, we must invent ourselves and then re-invent ourselves. 

Not only do we have an obligation, to be life-long students of those subjects that interest us most, but we have a duty to pursue them. 

Some of us will die with our childhood dreams crying out to us, wishing we would have taken action. Let's recognize that this does not have to be so. We can all choose to make a course correction and see to it that we rethink our future, by living out our present boldly. 

It is not enough to "be in the right place at the right time"....nay, you must also know that you're there and you must be able to do something about. We must take action, in other words.