GUMBALIMBA PARK is a family-friendly attraction in the island of Roatan that offers its visitors the opportunity to mingle with friendly white-face Capuchin monkeys and free-flying exotic birds (Including macaws, parrots, and hummingbirds). Visitors can spot indigenous lizards and iguanas all around the park. Tourist gaze at a variety of almost 2500 preserved insects from around the world in an air-conditioned insectarium, wander through a dense tropical jungle with nature trails, a suspension bridge, colorful flowers and butterflies, numerous waterfalls and more than 200 vibrant plant and tree species. Visit a pirate’s cave filled with maps, weapons, and artwork to learn about their history in the Bay Islands, swim at the kid-friendly freshwater pool, grab a delicious lunch and much more. 


What you need to know

Gumbalimba Park
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Adventure seekers can also get their adrenaline rush with Gumbalimba Park’s Monkey Trail Canopy (zip-lining) Tour. The tour has 17 platforms or stations with 13 stretches of cable available for the canopy, each measuring between 120 and 500 feet in length. The tour will take approximately one hour. The first tree platform is 60 feet high, and if that isn’t enough, the Monkey Trail Canopy will provide a mesmerizing view of the Caribbean Sea from the treetops of some of the best botanical gardens in Roatan; a very special treat. 

But, what is an island without water activities? Not an island, of course. Thankfully, Gumbalimba Park knows best and offers its visitors an amazing array of options for water activities.

Questions? Ask Away.

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Nearby West Bay Beaches: 

  • Tabyana Beach

  • Esmeralda Beach

  • West Bay Beach

Gumbalimba Park, a 20-acre beachfront paradise you can’t miss is near West Bay, Roatan

The Park is located on the main road towards West Bay just outside West Bay Beach. Gumbalimba Park (Gumbo-Limbo) is a natural paradise founded in 2003 and named after the Gumbalimba tree, a native tree species in Honduras that will sprout from a broken branch. This lovely botanical garden and animal sanctuary has more to offer than just awesome water activities and a peaceful sandy beach with crystal clear water. 


PRO TIP: The Gumbalimba Park was named after the Gumbo-Limbo Tree





  • Cost - $50/person

  • Depth - 20ft (Max)

  • No Certification

S.N.U.B.A (Surface Nexus Underwater Breathing Apparatus)
"Snuba" is a combination of snorkeling and scuba diving. It’s super easy, safe and fun. It allows divers to explore the wildlife under the sea while breathing underwater. Divers can do this by breathing through a SCUBA regulator and hose that is connected to an air tank. This gives divers the benefit of staying underwater as long as they want and with the flexibility of remaining at a comfortable depth (20 feet max) and coming out to the surface whenever they feel like it. The cost is $50 per person.


PRO TIP: Easy and safe way to enjoy the coral reefs in Roatan. No prior snorkeling experience necessary.



Sea Trek


  • Individual Rate - $65 pp

  • Doubles Rate - $50 pp

  • Age: 8 years and up

Sea Trek is the world's premier underwater helmet diving experience. It's from Sub Sea Systems - the world leader in aquatic resort recreation. The best part is that anyone who’s eight years and older can Sea Trek. The cost is $65 per person or $100 for 2.

Contact Us About Sea Trek:



Clear Kayak


  • Visibility - 70ft

  • Cost - $25 pp

  • Fish Identification

For those who love the sea, but would rather stay on the surface, Gumbalimba Park offers clear kayaking, allowing kayakers to see as deep as 70ft below the surface through the bottom of their kayaks or paddle over coral reefs and sea life 1ft below them. The cost is $25 per person.

Clear Kayaks are transparent vessels for individuals. Many refer to these kayaks as "modern glass bottom boats." These vessels allow the rider to see below the surface without having to SCUBA, snorkel, or go freediving. Many tourist have reported seeing dolphins, fish, and many other aquatic wonders. Further still, the coral reef is full of life and these kayaks can bring a coral reef experience like few others. 




Cost Breakdown


  • Swimsuit

  • Ecological Sunblock

  • Sunglasses

  • Camera

  • Towels

  • Hat or Cap

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The cost of visiting the park will vary depending on the kind of tour you choose. Tours range from: $30 for general admission into the park and on up to $55 for a tour including a zip line adventure (Or $45 just for the canopy). If visiting with a group, Gumbalimba Park’s manager confirmed that prices per person would drop. 


  • General Admission: $30

  • Admission Plus Canopy: $45

  • Admission Plus Zip-Line: $55

PRO TIP: We recommend booking a tour through a trusted party such as a Roatan Tours Trusted Tour Guide or a cruise line tour excursion representative (if arriving on a cruise ship) or a hotel (if staying locally). If arriving on a cruise ship, visitors can take a free bus via the Shore Excursion Department from the port. 



Getting to Gumbalimba


  • Taxi vs. Water Taxi

  • Free Options

  • Travel Times

The bus ride from Coxen Hole is around 20 minutes, and from Mahogany Bay, the ride will take around 44 minutes. Along the way, the tour operator will provide tourists with information about life in Roatan and Gumbalimba Park. The return will provide cruisers with amazing views of their ship.

  • From Coxen Hole: 20 min

  • From Mahogany Bay: 44 min

  • COST: Free (for Tour Bus Cruise Excursions)

If staying locally, visitors can arrange with their hotel to have a taxi pick them up and drop them off at Gumbalimba Park.  If staying nearby in West Bay or West End, the park will arrange to pick you up for FREE! Nevertheless, if paying for a taxi from West Bay or West End, the fee will vary between 100 Lempiras ($5) and 200 Lempiras ($10) depending on the distance between the hotel and the park. On a side note, a local informed us that a water taxi would cost less than a regular taxi. A water taxi can cost as low as 60 Lempiras ($3) from West End. 

PRO TIP: Water Taxi Rates may be lower (and more scenic) from the West End or West Bay areas. 



Hotels & Resorts

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What follows is a list of nearby hotels and resorts. The resorts with hyperlinks have been vetted by the Roatan Tourism Bureau and Roatan.Online. The resorts without a hyperlink, have had a long standing service in Roatan and are likely to also be good options for incoiming travelers. 

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Blue Bahia Resort →
Jungle Reef Inn →
Foster’s West Bay
Henry Morgan Beach Resort
Mayan Princess Beach & Dive Resort
West Bay Lodge & Spa
Paradise Beach Hotel
Infinity Bay Spa and Beach Resort

PRO TIP: Ask the manager at Gumbalimba Park for the Beachfront Wood Cabin.



Visitor Information


  • Open 7 Days (8 to 4pm)

  • Beware of the Monkeys

  • Free Transportation

Bags and other belongings can be stored in the lockers near the café and beach area for a small fee. This is strongly recommended for those visiting the animal sanctuary since the monkeys are experts at pickpocketing!

  • Hours of Operation: Open 7 Days per week, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Manager’s Office: +504-9914-9196

  • Park Location: Between West End and West Bay, follow the signs on the main road to West Bay.

PRO TIP: Be sure to lock up your bags, or else, the monkeys might take them!



Park Tours


  • Snorkeling

  • Sea Trek Tour

  • Jet Bikes Rentals

  • Insectarium at Ft. Gumba

There are several tour options in and around Gumbalimba Park. What follows is a short summary of the major tours and a few guidelines that surround each tour. 

  • Coxen's Cave Tour

  • Botanical Garden

  • SNUBA Diving Tour

  • Canopy "Zipline" Tour

  • Kayaking Tour

  • Animal Sanctuary

  • Beach & Pool

PRO TIP: The Zipline Operations is one of only two certified canopy tours in Honduras with a three-cable system. 

  • Maximum weight limit is 225 pounds for Males

  • Maximum weight limit is 200 pounds for females

  • Closed-toe shoes and shorts or long pants are recommended.



Park Admissions

Gumbalimba Park
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The Park Admission Includes Guide Services, Coxen's (pirate) cave, animal preserve area, botanical garden, beach area, lounge chairs, toilets, showers, freshwater pool, and parking.

All additional activities such as canopy tour, snuba diving, snorkeling gear and kayaking.
Tours offered through the Shore Excursion Department at the cruise liner entrance which include Gumbalimba Park are:

  • Pirates, Birds & Monkeys of the Caribbean

  • Gumbalimba Preservation Park

  • Gumbalimba Park & Pirate Cave

  • Gumbalimba Park & Tabyana Beach

Check with your shore excursion department for availability.

PRO TIP: The tours to Gumbalimba Park are for general admission only. They do not include SNUBA & Kayak Tours. Conversely, Kayak and SNUBA tours DO NOT include admission to Gumbalimba Park. Visitors can access the park by way of an added fee. 






NOTE: This information was accurate when it was published but is subject to change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all the rates and details directly with Gumbalimba Park before planning your trip.