Xbalanque is surrounded by natural jungles and its private beach. The entire resort exudes tranquility and relaxation. The general decor has a modern high fashion touch and feels without giving up on an island vibe. The staff, meals, and activities make it a point to pamper its guest while maintaining the highest customer service standards. Xbalanque offers one bedroom option all the way to four bedroom options. There is a five-star restaurant on premise and rooftop lounge, gym, and spa where guest can enjoy an excellent time. The resort offers a harmonious setting in a lush island setting. Xbalanque is located on the west end of Roatan Island, in the heart of the Bay Islands of Honduras. Xbalanque is privately held and taken care year round.


About Xbalanque Resort


XBALANQUE RESORT: Few places are as special as Xbalanque Resort in Roatan. Xbalanque is well deserving of a five-star rating. This small but well-managed boutique resort is located just between West Bay and West End. The resort is located on the waterfront in the calm waters of the northern shore of Roatan. 

Xbalanque Resort Roatan
Xbalanque Restaurant

Where is Xbalanque

One of the benefits of being located in between West Bay and West End is the ease of access to arguably the number one and two destinations in Roatan, without giving up privacy. Some of the best dive operators on Isla Roatan are located in either West End or West Bay. This makes Xbalanque a perfect place to stay for both the diver and the non-diver. Further still, the waters off the beach are calm, and fishermen can pick guest up to show them a good time. It is not uncommon for fishing to start just moments after leaving the dock as the waters around Roatan are deep and rich with fish populations. 


Where does the name come from? 

The name Xbalanque has its origins in the Mayan language and culture. The Maya's were arguably the most advanced civilization of their time, and their one of the most spectacular ruins still exist on the mainland of Honduras, in Copan. Mayan artifacts are found on Roatan even today. 

Who was Xbalanque?

Xbalanque was a local Mayan hero. Mayan history tells of a twin god conquering the complexities and adversities of the underworld who then rose with his twin brother to become the sun and the moon. Xbalanque's twin brother was known as Hunaphu.


"The Xbalanque Suites are a favorite among travelers from all over the world"

Xbalanque Del Mar

Xbalanque del Mar has a private infinity pool and a gorgeous deck with world class beach views. Below the villa is an open deck area with access to the rest of the resort. The del Mal villa is perfect for that guest looking for a beach front villa in Roatan while also enjoying the finer amenities offered by the resort. The Villa del Mar was one of the original structures on the property and carries with it long lasting memories from many travelers who have visited the resort over the years. The villa has a front row seat to daily sunsets from the privacy of your own space. 

Two Bedrooms with a Private Bath
Full Kitchen
Living and Dining areas
Spacious Deck

Xbalanque Heliconia

The Heliconia is a 4,000+ Square foot private villa surrounded by a lush jungle-like environment on a nine-acre estate. The Heliconia is named after the flower which can be found all around the Xbalanque Resort. 

The Heliconia offers: 
Four spacious bedrooms
Living/Dining areas
Full kitchen
Private Pool
Beach Access (2-minute walk)

The Attached is a single-bedroom unit:
One Bedroom with Bath
Efficiency Kitchenette

Xbalanque Higero Pavilion

The Higero Pavilion is a new build with an amazing architectural design. This outdoor pavilion is perfect for any event or activity.

The inspiration for the Higero name and design comes from the Higero Tree. The Higero Pavilion es ideal for music events, weddings, meditation, yoga, exercise, and inspiration. 

The pavilion is 2400 Square feet of outdoor space. The large open area is designed for large groups and gatherings. It has a second level which is perfect for reading, meditating, group talks, and evening activities. 
We look forward to planning your event. 

The Higero is equipped with its own kitchen, so catering an event is made easy. 


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