Honduras means "Depths" when translated to English. Years ago, Columbus inadvertently named the country of Honduras when he encountered a storm, navigated through it, and went on record saying  "thank God we are leaving these "depths." Fast forward to our modern era and today; you'll find the Bay Islands in the same deep waters sailed by Columbus.

Roatan 2017 AIDA Freediving World Championship
Caribbean Cup Freediving in Roatan
Freediving Roatan School and training center
Freediving in West End, Roatan


The Caribbean Cup came to be in 2001, and it has become one of the most important freediving competition in the world. World-and-Nation Championships from 5 continents and several countries are held in Roatan. High-level safety teams man the scene and together with distinguished international judges, doctors, and rescue divers professional ensure the safety of each diver. 

Roatan offers freediving & training for "Apnea Total" & "PADI." Courses range from Master to beginner levels. Roatan is also the organizer of the Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition. There are three main disciplines in freediving: Immersion (FIM), Constant Weight with Fins (CWT), and Constant Weight Without Fins (CNF). Athletes compete across all three disciplines to reach greater depths on a single breath of air. The Roatan Freediving School & Training Center has been honored by AIDA International by allowing it to organize the AIDA World Championship in 2017. 

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands. The Bay Islands are part of the Mesoamerican Reef. The islands are surrounded by a reef wall, and the waters in between the reef wall and shoreline of the islands are commonly referred to as "the lagoon." Lagoons are crystal clear and shallow waters. They are rich with fish populations, and they are home to some of the most beautify coral life and coral formations. But just on the other side of the reef wall is an abyss. Waters outside the reef wall drop rapidly to thousands of feet deep. The water here is rich, dark, and blue. In short, the Bay Islands are surrounded by pristine waters the area just around the islands, but just a few swim strokes away from the beautiful beaches, beyond the wall, the ocean drops to hundreds of meters deep. This makes the Bay Islands, and Roatan, in particular, an ideal destination for Freedivers. 

Freediving has only recently become a global sport. But that is not to say that it's new. In fact, freediving has been around for as long as man as been around. Some of the more common freediving activities include fishing, photography, rugby, hockey, and snorkeling. In the old days, freediving without the assistance of a mechanical device was the only option available. Later, leather bladders and reeds were invented. Our ancestors harvested the oceans for food and other goods like sponges and pearls. 

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