The Scuba Diving Experience

Roatan videos come in all forms. But we believe that quality videos made by real travelers can capture the reality of Roatan Island and its culture, its attactions, and its beauty. In this page, we've put together a series of videos which come together and bring your the real Roatan experience. 


Roatan, at a glance [Video]

“And when you come across the best place on earth, You'll call it home. You'll call it "Roatan." Make Roatan your morning, your noon, and your night. Make Roatan your spring, your fall, and your delight. And in return, Roatan will turn you into an explorer, a hunter, and a native. Only here will you find the life you love, and the life you want to remember. The life you want forever. Roatan is the giver of many yesterdays and the promise of many more tomorrows.”


Oakridge, Roatan

Oakridge Roatan is Roatan's is located on the southeast end of the Island. True to its fishing heritage, locals get around strictly on boat rides. Oakridge is beautiful, and locals paint their stilt homes in vibrant colors. These homes sit right on the waterfront, and they are stunning. Few places bring together Roatan's humble roots with the islands natural beauty. Oakridge has several waterways that navigate through it, and that only adds to the mystical nature of the fishing village.



Garifuna Festival

Roatan Subwing


ROATAN VIDEOS (with Descriptions)

ROATAN GETAWAY TOURS (Whatever it takes)

In collaboration with our friends from Getaway Tours, Roatan Online toured Roatan Island and enjoyed many of its offerings. 

In this video, you'll see scenes from our snorkeling adventures on the southern shore of Roatan. We then moved northbound to half moon bay where we swung of off the iSoar Sail Boat. 

If you are planning a trip to Roatan Island and would like to learn more about things to do in Roatan or if you want to know about upcoming events and Roatan's Live Music scene, contact us. We can be reached on social media, and we're active in our community forum

With the able assistance of our friends Three Sisters Charter, we met up in West End, and took a short boat ride. There is submerged the Subwing into the clear blue waters of Roatan Island. The Subwing was fantastic. Before this, Scuba Diving came the closest to "flying". But after riding on the Subwing, my mind was changed. Not only is the Subwing "like flying" but it is also "like swimming". 

Nothing gets you closer to swimming like a dolphin or flying like a bird as does the Subwing. Experience it in Roatan and enjoy a memory of a lifetime. The crew aboard the Three Sisters Charters boat were professional and well versed on the subsurface terrain. They kept us in waters deep enough to stay clear of the barrier reef, but also shallow enough to interact with the coral reef in Roatan Honduras. 

Roatan's Garifuna People (Festival 2017)
Punta Gorda is a unique town in Roatan, Honduras. It is unique because of its heritage and history. Punta Gorda is home to the first Garifuna settlers in the area. Roatan's Garifuna People came on British ships and in exile. They arrived in larger numbers than Roatan could support so many Garifuna moved to the mainland where they were employed in Spanish colonies. Today, the Garifuna community has spread to cover Guatemala, Nicaragua, & Belize. 

This video showcase some of the Garifuna customs, attires, and music. The Garifuna's central music is "Punta". Another tradition music is "Paranda," which is the soundtrack of the video we made to showcase the 2017 Garifuna Festival in Punta Gorda, Roatan, Honduras. 


We've enjoyed our time in Roatan over the years. Here are a few highlight videos to showcase the island. The videos are show all over the island and range highlight a variety of activities available on the island today.  If you see anything you like, Join our community today if you need any assistance in planning your next trip. 


Featured Video: Roatan Fishing Charter, fishing in Miami...too easy!


Enjoy the highlight Videos Below:

Video Duration: 4:35 min. 

ROA: Trip to Little French Key, West Bay, & West End

In this video are highlights from the Yacht Club, West Bay, West End, and Little French Key.  We did a little fishing as well, off the northern coast of Roatan. One of the better highlights of the trip was snorkeling West Bay. Both the reef and the reef wall were spectacular. The diving platform you see in the video is located in Little French Key. To be honest, we had heard about the platform but did not totally appreciate how much fun it would be. The shallow waters of Little French Key, its mini zoo, the in-water tables and the short boat ride to the Key all came together for a very memorable experience.

Video Duration: 3:35 min. 

ROA: Scuba Diving Trip to Roatan, Anthony's Key Resort. 

This video was shot primarily in and around Anthony's Key Resort (AKR). The opening shot with the small crab was filmed on Bailey's Key, which is the second small key managed by AKR and the home of the dolphins. The clip of Yadira near a swimming pool was shot on West Bay, in Gran Roatan to be precise. We decided to do the "dolphin dive" with AKR and enjoyed the various activities leading up to the dive. They dive masters do an excellent job of debriefing drivers about what to expect while in the water with Dolphins

Video Duration: 3:13 min. 

ROA: Diving the "Cara Cara" dive in Roatan

In this video, CARA CARA. Cara Cara is one of (if not the) only place for a shark dive in Roatan. But first, lets start at the beginning, the video's opening scene is shot in the Houston, then in San Pedro Sula Honduras. We drove to La Ceiba, took the Galaxy Ferry across from La Ceiba and before we know it, we had arrived in Roatan. We concluded our dive trip with Cara Cara. The currents are something else, but the sharks make worth it.