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PRO TIP: Driver will be holding up a sign with your name on it at the pick up location.

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Roatan Online Taxi Rates

There are at least three taxi rates on Roatan:

  • Roatan Taxi Association

  • Street or Negotiated Rates

  • Car Pool Rates

What we’ve done here is standardized the rate sheets with local taxi cabs so that you will know what your rate is ahead of your arrival. Booking in advance will also remove the unnecessary headaches that may arise from bartering with taxi drivers in real time.

PRO TIP: Roatan Online Taxi rates are the are standardized for your convenience and must be pre-paid for them to be honored by our local operators.

Standardized Taxi Rates (At-A-Glance)

DESTINATION1 Passenger2 Passengers3+ Passengers
Ports/Airport → West Bay$20$25$10 for addition pp
Ports/Airport → West End$20$25$10 for addition pp
Ports/Airport → French Harbour$20$25$10 for addition pp
Ports/Airport → Gumbalimba $20$25$10 for addition pp
Ports/Airport → Sandy Bay$15$20$10 for addition pp