Paya Bay Resort is arguably Roatan's finest boutique hotel. Without a doubt, the Paya Bay Resort grounds are world-class and like nothing else on Roatan. The resort is exotic, it enjoys some of the best views around, and the terrain is filled with outlooks and private cove beaches. The entire resorts sit on a sort of peninsula which lends itself to a private retreat. Paya Bay is located on Roatan's east end. But, there is something about Paya Bay which guest must know before making the journey through an unpaved road to the east end. Paya Bay Resort is Roatan's topless and naturist beach. Roatan nude beaches are not common. In fact, Paya Bay is the only serious resort offering these experiences to an international audience. Distinguished clientele visit from all over the world for quality and private nudist experience in Roatan. 

Paya Bay Resort
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Paya Bay Resort

  • Boutique Resort
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  • World-Class

Paya Bay Resort is a nature and leisure beach retreat. The boutique hotels offer a wellness experience through its private beaches, world-class customer service, and a variety of activities to bring mind and body into harmony. The views of the Caribbean are stunning from Paya Bay. Nature reigns supreme at Paya Bay Resort.  Paya Bay aims to be in harmony with our natural environment. 

Over the years, Roatan has slowly built a reputation as a top destination for the naturalist. More and more travelers visit Roatan's east end each year in search of "au naturel" alternatives. Write up are more frequent in a variety of publications but in particular in the naturist press. 


"Rebel, Connect, Rejoice."


What is Naturism


  • Nudist Beach
  • Clothing Optional
  • Topless Resort

Naturism is first of all about freedom.  Freedom to experience life in your most natural state. We are born nude ànd then often taught through family, societal and cultural cues to be "ashamed" of our bodies. People who practice naturism are rebelling against the notion that our amazing bodies (regardless of what "shape" they may be in) should be a source of shame, rather our bodies should be a source of pride. Naturism helps us to accept our bodies along with the imperfections whether they are real or imagined. With social nudity, you take away all the barriers that people use to separate themselves from others, and there is an immediate sense of belonging to the human race at its most basic and honest level. THIS is who I am. Naturism also encourages people to take better care of their bodies, because your body becomes your "Tarjeta de Presentación," there is nothing to hide behind. Naturalism helps people psychologically to accept their bodies as they are and to be okay with the effects and changes in the aging process. My favorite thing about naturism is the sense of community you immediately feel with other naturists: we are people who dare to break through this cultural taboo and experience life in a whole new dimension. Also, once you swim nude, you'll NEVER want to wear a swimsuit again, you'll realize that the Universe intended us to swim in our birthday suites.


Comfort & Privacy

Paya Bay sits on 22 acres. The property is one of a kind no only by Roatan standards but on a global scale. Peninsula provides breathtaking sceneries while protecting the privacy of its guest. There is a waterfront on three sides, and this lends itself to a zone system for everyone's comfort level.  There are two natural beaches on Paya Bay's property. The private Bliss Beach is clothing optional. Topless sunbathing is always in fashion and allowed. Bliss Beach becomes 100% clothing optional during Naturist Weeks, or when the resort is reserved in full by naturist guests. 

Paya Bay has designated areas of the property as clothing optional because of a growing number of naturist who visits the resort year round. Beautiful walkways connect the various zones on the property and make it a pleasure to get around on foot. Among the many noteworthy hangouts on Paya Bay is the Buccaneer Landing, which is a private cove. The cove is near the Allegator Head which is a rock formation on property that offers excellent swimming and snorkeling access. There are several hammocks knee deep in the water for guest to enjoy the secluded waters around Paya Bay.


"Naturalism is first of all about freedom."


Nauturalist Week

Naturalist week is a week reserved for people who are in search of a fully nude beach. Paya Bay encourages only the naturist to make reservations during this week. What sets naturalist week apart, lies in the events. Special events are put on to entertain guest. For example, Pay Bay will organize a sunset cocktail party at the Buccaneer Landing. Further, there normally host a tribal beach party on Lil'Bay Beach. There is also a naturalist excursion to Pigeon Cay. During this week, minimal clothing is required in the resort lobby and common areas. That said, during this week, it is not uncommon to find guest walking from their rooms to the beach fully nude. 



Plunge Pool

Paya Bays Plunge pool sits on a private beach. Behind the pool is a two-story rock formation that towers above and behind the pool while on the other side are the clear waters of the Caribbean sea. The pool is a perfectly private place to toggle back and forward between the Caribbean sea and the refreshing waters of the pool. The views of the Roatan sunsets are amazing, and few places make for a better experience of the sunset. 

The peninsula where Paya Bay sits is nearly 1/2 a mile in length. The shoreline is rocky with a few private beaches along the way. Big Beach is frequently visited by travelers and guest of other resorts. Other beaches on Paya Bay offer a more secluded experience. 



Pigeon Cay

During naturist week, Paya Bay organizes trips to one of Roatan's best-kept secrets, Pigeon Cay. The trip to this remote key sets the stage for snorkeling and sunbathing all-natural. Paya Bay is eager to listen and improve its service offerings. Staff at Paya Bay are liberal, open-minded, professional, and discrete. 



Nature Reserves

There are two nature reserves on the Paya Bay property. One of the reserves is a natural garden or Tropical Garden Reserve. Guest enjoy a variety of plants in the garden including palms, vines, cacti, and a plethora of bromeliads and orchids. The other natural reserve is the Wetlands Reserve, which is home to crabs, small rodents, birds, and lush green vegetation. 



Partially Nude

Paya Bay also caters to guest who might not subscribe to a full-nude experience. For this reason, they ask their guest to use minimal textiles while roaming about in common areas, such as the property's restaurant, main lobby, and walkways. Swimsuits and sarongs work just fine. 



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