The Reef House is a small, family-owned resort, which was originally started in the 60's as a fishing lodge. Why do so many guests come back to the Reef House time and time again? The Reef House is one of Roatan's premier dive operators. The Reef House is a small privately held resort on the southern coast of Roatan. The Reef House is located in the town of Oak Ridge on the east end of Roatan. Accessible only by water taxi, the Reef House is removed from the tourist trappings and large crowds.

Roatan Reef House from above
Living Waters Pool in Roatan Honduras

The area around the House

To get to the Reef House you'll need to travel on a water taxi through Oakridge. The reef around the Reef House is among the healthiest on Roatan. The resort caters to the individual needs of a variety of guest. Resort rooms are in high demand year round, but the resort somehow manages to accommodate groups and individuals alike. 


"Originally a fishing lodge, and now a world-class Scuba Operation. The Reef House is a must see on any trip."


One of the key attractions on the Reef House is its tide pool. The pool makes an excellent place for kids to swim. It is also an excellent spot for Open Water Divers to get familiar with their Scuba gear during the confined open water classes. The Reef House has a long pier which makes for an excellent place to watch the sunsets and gain perspective. 

One of the most interesting things about the Reef House is getting there. First, you'll travel to Oak Ridge which is a beautiful fishing town in Roatan. Oak Ridge has a large cove of calm water. A water taxi will pick you up from a pier in Oak Ridge, and it will bring you to the Reef House. The water taxi ride is excellent and very scenic. There are modest homes all along the water's edge, and guests can get a glimpse into how locals live in Roatan. Most homes have small single engine boats in their "driveways" instead of cars. An interesting observation when watching commuters get around Oak Ridge is that they've tilted their engines at an angle that causes the boats to skip along. So even though the waters around Oak Ridge are calm, many of the local boats skip along, especially at higher speeds. 

Map of the Reef House in Roatan