About Mahogany Bay

Mahogany Bay is one of the most impactful projects on Roatan's economy has been the development of the Mahogany Bay Port. This development brings in thousands of tourist each year via cruise ships sailing the Caribbean. The Mahogany Bay cruise terminal is a two-berth station capable of accommodating a couple of post-Panamax ships at the same time. These two ships, when docked, can bring 8,000 passengers to isla Roatan. Mahogany Bay is located in Dixon Cove, a pristine pocket of protected water on the southern shore of Roatan island. Mahogany Bay includes a 20-acre welcome center for tourist to plan their onshore and water excursions. The Mahogany Bay welcome center includes eateries and shopping venues for tourist. Reservation is encouraged as these lift fill up quickly. 



Where is it?


Mahogany Bay is located in Dixon Cove, on the southern coastline of Roatan Island. The Cove is located between French Harbor and Coxen Hole. Mahogany Bay Port is owned and in large part operated by the Carnival Corporation. In recent years, Roatan has become a popular stop for cruise ships touring the western Caribbean. Often, the cruise ships that sail to Roatan also make pit stops in Belize and Cozumel. 



Cruise Ship Docks


Because Mahogany Bay is owned and controlled by Carnival, all its cruise ships have access to the port. Regent Seven Seas, Holland America, Princess, and Oceania ships all dock at Mahogany Bay Port at some point or another. Also, Thomson Cruises, Costa Cruises, and P&O Cruises all have agreements which allow them to dock at Mahogany Bay. There are a few exceptions, like inclement Roatan weather, which might cause anyone of these cruise liners to dock at the Roatan Port. Mahogany Bay is typically available, but from time to time rough winds and choppy waters make Roatan's port better suited to welcome guest to Isla Roatan. The Port of Roatan is located in Coxen Hole. 



Port Expectations


Because Mahogany Bay was designed and built by the Carnival Corporation, one could say it was made to entertain and with the guest in mind. Mahogany Bay offers easy egress and exit for transportation companies. It also offers excellent restaurants and waterfront activities. It's man made beach is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and paddle boarding. Mahogany Bay offers top notch restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops as well. 

Mahogany Bay provides a variety of shopping experiences ranging from diamonds to key chains. You'll find a Harley Davidson store, a pharmacy, several gift shops and stalls where you can plan and purchase island excursions like Mangrove Tours, Subwing rides, ATV tours, glass bottom boat rides, zip line trips, and of course SCUBA and fishing excursions. 



Island Exploration


If you do, you will be entertained, but you won't see Roatan. Entertainment will be plentiful and enjoyable while you're docked at Mahogany Bay. But Roatan offers live music entertainment all over the island as well as many activities to do all over Isla Roatan. But you will not see Roatan Island. The port is secure and isolated, and you will experience the small amount of culture that comes to you. If you leave Roatan, you'll open up new experiences and activities which will expose you to more of the Honduran culture. 

The best way to experience the Island of Roatan is to book a shore excursion Tour operators are knowledgeable and will help each guest make the most of your time. You can also arrange your adventure, but make sure to do this in advance and plan your trip wisely. It's a good idea to research your activity well before leaving Mahogany Bay. Be sure to account for the time on site and also commute times to and from Mahogany Bay.



Cruise Disembarking


Disembarking the ship will lead you straight to and through Dufry Store. From there, you'll take a short walk to Mahogany Bay's main shopping area. As you approach the main shopping area, note that the popular chairlift will be on your right. You'll also take a  right for the main restaurants and the beach. Hang a left if you're in search of the local marketplace. You'll see a red-roof building. The building is the port's terminal and where you'll leave and re-enter Mahogany Bay Port. 



TAXI Services


Taxies are sanctioned and approved through the Mahogany Bay Taxi Association. In many ways, this is a good thing because taxi operators are vetted and held to a high standard of service before they are allowed to shuttle passengers in and out of Mahogany Bay. But if you would prefer to book your ride you will need to leave the Mahogany Bay premises. It is not uncommon for passengers to line up their transportation online ahead of their arrival. Once you leave the Mahogany Bay transit station, you will come across tour operators who offer similar (or in fact, the same) services as operators inside Mahogany Bay. But these operators are not under contract with Mahogany. You'll find most SCUBA dive shops will pick up their guest from this area as they are not allowed into the pier area because they don't normally have a contract with Mahogany Bay. 



Blue Lagoon


The Blue Lagoon is a relaxing area inside the Mahogany Bay premises, near the beach. The Blue Lagoon has full-time beach attendants and barman to meet the needs of its guests. The Blue Lagoon also offers free WiFi which makes it a nice place to combine Caribbean lounging with a splash of social media.

There are TWO PACKAGES offered at Blue Lagoon:
1) Blue Lagoon Package &
2) Blue Lagoon Deluxe Package. 

THE BLUE LAGOON PACKAGE accommodates up to 50 guests. The plan includes two all-day passes to the Magical Flying Chair, beach access, two inner tube floats, and one wooden double-lounge covered beach chair. The designated areas also grant access to a floating platform and a shower area. 

THE BLUE LAGOON DELUX PACKAGE is for up to 24 guests. The package includes all of the above plus an upgraded lounge area which features a four-posts shaded bed area, umbrella canvas, and a wrap around curtain for added privacy privilege. The beds come with a cooler. Inside the cooler are four bottled-waters and chilled wipes for guest to use. 



Flying Chair


This chair experience is unique to Mahogany Bay. The chair, or lift, transports guest from the welcome center of Mahogany Bay to the beach. The Mahogany Bay Beach is a man made the beach. The area covers 10-acres of private land, and it features 825 ft of pristine white sands. The beach is complete with a sand volleyball court and an array of ocean water-sports and tranquil waters. The cost for riding the Mahogany Bay Chair Lift is approximate $8 for Children and $14 for adults. Children under the age of 3 rides free of charge. 

The recently built, chair lift extends from the welcome center to Mahogany Beach. Mahogany Beach sits on 10-acre of private land and features an 825 ft of what sandy beach. Once on the beach, guest enjoy kayaks, volleyball courts, and an array of other activities. The average price for taking the chairlift is $14 for adults and as low as $8 for children. Toddlers ride the lift free of charge. The Mahogany Chair lift is a favorite photo opportunity so be sure to bring along your camera when taking the lift. See you in Mahogany Bay Roatan!



Private Cabanas


Guest can arrange for a private, air-conditioned cabana. 
The cabana accommodates up to 4 guest and included in the price is a semi-private beach area for guest to enjoy. This semi-private area include a hammock, floats, and two lounge chairs. The rental rates for the cabana are non-refundable so purchase with confidence.