Utila.Online is now Active!

We have an Announcement: 

What sort of family would we be if we did not look after our brothers? Roatan Online has secured a place for Utila and Guanaja. This week, our group completed the trinity of Community Domains for the Bay Islands with: 


Our goal is to keep our three separate websites (each serving the needs of its island) while maintaining a uniformity across each website. And while each website will have its domain name and web address, the three websites already toggle back and forward as one. This integration will help establish a sense of community across our island sites while preserving the proper separation across market lines. 

It isn't easy to establish a solid footing online. But we're committed to adding quality content frequently so that our sites serve the interested of incoming tourist, but also, serve the interest of our residents. 

It is true, Honduras is Great. But what is great about Honduras are its three islands, Roatan, Guanaja, and Utila. These three islands put the "G" in Great. And so we will do our part in making sure they are properly represented online as well.