Free Community Advertisment

Advertising on our community page is free to our members. Membership is also free. Sign up, go to your desired category, create a TOPIC and build your ad. Initially, new member ads must be approved. Once your ad is live, visitors to our community site will be able to ask questions directly on your listing or they might choose to contact you directly via private message. Feel free to include links to your websites and don't forget to provide your contact information. All ads must follow our community guidelines and rules. 



Press Release

We offer one-time press releases via our Community Site to our distribution network. Also, our press release will post across all our social media platforms. Each press release will be at least 500 words in length and will include one image, one link, and all content will be SEO friendly. All articles will be original content.  

  • Term = One-Time

  • Includes One Link

  • Includes One Photo

  • Includes 500 Words

Cost for a Press Release = $99 per Release



Text Advertising

Text Ads are simply and have proven their value over time. These ads are highly relevant to potential customers and our readership at large. Text ads are highly effective and affordable. They offer an excellent way of closing the sale, or they might also be used to test your ads and gauge your customer's interest in a certain product line or service.  

  • One Text Ad

  • Cost varies according to placement

  • 1 Year Term



Display Advertising 

Our display ads offer the largest exposure. Display ads are designed with broad brand recognition in mind. These ads are image-centric ads that can drive traffic to your website. Ads start at $395 per month. These Ads include monthly traffic reports with results and click through data for your analysis and benefit. Reports offer insight into what prospective customers might be interested in.

  • One Display Ad

  • One Listing on Main Page

  • One Press Release

  • 3 Month Term Minimum



Flat-Rate Advertisement

We will list your property for sale on our website for a flat-rate. We will create one landing page and multiple text ads on our site for your listing. We will actively display your listing across our websites and social media platforms. 

  • One Landing Page

  • One Display Ad

  • One Noteworthy Listing

  • One Text Ad

  • One Press Release per Month

  • One Social Media Blast

  • Term = One-Time listing (for Life of Sale)



Custom Video

Arguably, videos provide the most efficient platform to get your message across to your audience. Further still, a tastefully done video can elevate your business & services to a whole new level of professionalism. We will provide you with a customize video which you will then be able to incorporate into your media kit as you look for ways to better connect with your customers. 

  • 4 minutes or less

  • Professional Audio

  • Professionally edited

  • Universal formate

  • Your to keep & use

  • Onsite shooting

  • File & link provided

Customer Video = Call for Quote


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