SERVING OTHERS never goes out of fashion. And there is no better way to add value to your next Roatan trip than to give of your time and resources while you're on the island. 



Roatan Island may carry a reputation of being an island paradise. But let's face it, Roatan also belongs to the poor Central American country of Honduras. There are many non-profits operating in Roatan today. Among the noteworthy is the TOMS Shoe Gift Drive. Volunteers coordinate with local schools and shelters to fit and give TOMS shoes to children in Roatan. 

Roatan Volunteers
TOMS Shoe Gift Drive in Roatan


There are many benefits to volunteering. One of the biggest benefits to giving of one's time is making a difference in the lives of others. It may sound simple, but this single benefit is often the only reason why people give of their time, resources, and talents willingly to others. 

Other benefits include the strengthening of a community, social bonds, and developing of interpersonal skills like leadership and servanthood. 

Often, we get the added benefit of making an immediate impact in our community and the life of others. A smile, a thank you or the completion of a project can all give a sense of accomplishment. 

"Often, it is more blessed to give, than to receive"


Almost every volunteer opportunity can help you grow your talents and skills. 

There are some good causes around the island of Roatan worthy of your time and giving. For starters, the barrier reef around the island of Roatan needs constant protection from all the activity it gets from travelers to the island. 

The local community in Roatan is also in need of volunteers. There are orphanages, poor schools, elderly, and large groups who are in need of financial aid. The tourism industry is Roatan's primary source of revenue. But not every resident of Roatan is of age or ability to work in the tourism industry.