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Caribbean Cup 2018

  • West Bay Fosters WB Rd West Bay, Bay Islands Department Honduras (map)

Caribbean Cup 2018

MAY 17th – MAY 25st


The Caribbean Cup is an important freediving competition held in Roatan. What follows is an in-depth (no pun intended) article on competitive freediving and freediving in Roatan. The Caribbean Cup came to be in 2013, and it has become one of the most important freediving competitions in the world. World-and-Nation Championships from 5 continents and several countries are held in Roatan. High-level safety teams man the scene and together with distinguished international judges, doctors, and rescue divers professional ensure the safety of each diver.

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Freediving At-A-Glance

There are three main disciplines in freediving: Immersion (FIM), Constant Weight with Fins (CWT), and Constant Weight Without Fins (CNF). Athletes compete across all three disciplines to reach greater depths on a single breath of air. The Roatan Freediving School & Training Center has been honored by AIDA International by allowing it to organize the AIDA World Championship in 2017. 

OBJECTIVE: The goal of freediving competition is to see which athlete can dive the deepest, safely. Free-divers get one point per meter. Divers do not earn points for the duration of their free-dive. Divers are only rewarded for the depth of their dives. 

Roatan Caribbean Cup 2018

West Bay, Roatan

When translated into English, the word "Honduras" means, "Depths." The story is that on one of his voyages, Christopher Columbus was caught in a massive storm just north of what would be called Honduras. The waves were so large that he attributed them to depth in the water. Just as soon as Columbus sailed past the storm, he wrote: "Thank God that we've left these depths." or in Spanish:

"Gracias a Dios que hemos salidos de estas Honduras."

All this to say that Honduras has long been known for its depths. Fast forward to the modern era, and you'll find freedivers pushing the human limits into deeper and greater deptsh than ever before.

West Bay Roatan

Caribbean Cup, 2018

freediving disciplines:

  • Immersion (FIM)

  • Constant Weight with Fins (CWT)

  • Constant Weight Without Fins (CNF)

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