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Garifuna Festival Celebration

Roatan Garifuna Festival

Garifuna Festival

Annual Garifuna Festival

Each year, at the Garifuna annual festival, the Garifuna people celebrate their first arrival into Punta Gorda, Roatan. Punta Gorda is located in the Bay Islands of Honduras. 

The festival includes animated theatrical performances which celebrate the first arrival of the very first Garifuna group from Yurime, which is a small region east of the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. The first Garifuna people came from Yurime in 1797.  The Garifuna performances are re-enactments of the reception of the first Garifuna arrivals by the local islanders. 

The event is the best display of the Garifuna culture. Roatan locals dress the part and chant traditional songs in their native Garifuna language. The Garifuna come to live with their dances, drums, and colorful attires.  

Garifuna Food & "Gifity"

And if the singing and dances weren't enough, the local Garifuna festivities also showcase traditional dishes and beverages. The locals will serve Machuca (mashed plantain or plantain soup), traditional coconut bread, and a local favorite - "Gifity." Gifity is favorite local alcoholic brew. Gifity is a Garifuna drink comprised of Rum, mixed herbs, and roots. There are a few variation of local mixes, but all in all, the local contraption is sure to kick in and get you into a festive mood. Gifity is strong and potent, so taste but don't indulge too heavily if it's your first time tasting it. 

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