July 2017 Newsletter Excerpt (by ReMax)

Remax Bay Islands

Safety in The Bay Islands

Moving to another country can be a scary process. I know. I have done it. One of the main concerns I hear from people who are considering investing or moving to the Bay Islands is about personal safety.

A few years back, I shared a detailed report ranking various countries regarding murder rate. The Bay Islands were lower than most other Central American and Caribbean locations. Lower than ALL the more prominent places that you may be considering.

Then, last month a new article involving safety attracted my attention. The article ranked the most dangerous countries in the world. Syria, of course, was number one, but as I went down the list, what got my attention was the fact that the United States was ranked as number fifty and HONDURAS was fifty-eight.

Yes, statistically, the United States is more dangerous than Honduras. Of course, if you break things down based on where you live in North America that may not be the case. Also, the same holds true for the Bay Islands versus the rest of the country here as well.

Bottom line: Bad things can happen anywhere. However, statistically, the Bay Islands are now safer than the United States. 

Wounded Warriors -Notice for Vets

Warfighter Scuba is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that teaches wounded veterans scuba as therapy. Post-traumatic stress disorder and physical wounds from combat are a serious problem among veterans in the United States. However, Warfighter Scuba is helping veterans with a new activity that can take them around the world on new adventures.

From Warfighter Scuba

Did you know that every day in the United States twenty-two veterans kill themselves? Warfighter Scuba believes our program can help decrease this statistic by introducing veterans to an unfamiliar environment and hopefully, curb the thoughts of suicide. Watch one of our wounded veterans trains here. 


Over the years, RE/MAX Bay Islands and RE/MAX Western Sunsets have participated in many HGTV shows. The latest HGTV show features Agent, Stephane Chevalier and Clients, Nick and Dawn Powers.