Roatan App Domain Name

New URL extension by Google Released

The .app domain extension is the first extension with built-in security. The .app is HTTPS-only. Google has long been pushing for universal encryption for a safer browser experience, and now Google has the sole rights to the distribution of this unique domain extension. The entire . App namespace is now part of the HSTS Preload list. This makes the HTTPS required on all connections to a .app website. There are no individual HSTS registration needs or any manual configurations needed. 

Encrypted and more secure

As a Top Level Domain (TDL) which is encrypted-by-default, the .app will only load with modern browsers when a valid SSL certificate has been configured. The idea is that as Chrome and other leading browsers move forward with labeling non-SSL encrypted websites as websites that are "Not secure," consumers will learn to expect nothing less than HTTPS. This is probably the strongest sign we've seen that all websites should move to HTTPS if they still operate in an HTTP-only ecosystem. There is no going back, and Google has ordained it by way of this move. Webmasters in Roatan should embrace the change and get out ahead of it. 

The HTTPS requirement will give visitors to a .app website confidence that they are entering a secure website. The entire .app namespace is now synonymous with online security. 

Intuitive by its very nature

The new domain extension has the added benefit of being a natural or intuitive gateway to app-related content. For that reason, we plan on developing an app for Roatan under the .app domain name. There are already several apps serving the needs of Roatan, but none are built on a .app domain extension, and none will (other than ours) bear the name "Roatan.App." With more than 6-million apps available through the App Store and Google Play alone, there are many more global users who can now benefit from this new standardization for finding legitimate app related content on the web. 

The .app namespace is simply a more logical choice for app related content that is a country code domain or a legacy top-level domain like a .net. 

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