Announcing Roatan Marketplace

Roatan Market Place

Announcing Roatan's Online Marketplace

We are pleased to announce Roatan Marketplace. We've been at work setting up a commerce back-end on our website. The business functionality will allow our community members to sell more of their services online. The ability to sell on Roatan.Online gives our members a new avenue through which they can sell their services. 

Roatan has long been a world leader in tourism. But keeping up with technology has not been its strength. A quick google search for the world Roatan will review a sub-par offering of online commerce for both the tourist and the local operator. We hope to join the many more who are at work developing better online content and functionality for those visiting and working on Roatan. The island of Roatan has so much to offer, and as we come together with initiatives likes these, we'll only improve on our visitor's experience. 

One of the issues facing local operators is self-inflicted. Local businesses and operators have spent years promoting their businesses, which normally go by another name other than "Roatan." They might advertise themselves as "Blue Island Restaurant." The issue, of course, is that tourists are likely to search for "restaurants in Roatan" before they run a search for "blue island restaurant." So local websites have inadvertently been optimized for key phrases which have little searchability. For this reason, we've launched Roatan.Online. We are confident that we'll optimize our pages and website in general with Roatan in mind. With any luck, Google will take notice and will begin to feed our content out to people who might be traveling to Roatan. 

You can help. If you've ever been to Roatan, or if you're planning on returning someday and wish to expand on your experience. Help us promote our website and content. Share our site and or this article with others. We are sure some algorithm somewhere is paying attention to your time on site or how long it's taking you to read this read, bookmark, and five us a "like" - you might just be paying it forward. 

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