Maple Leaf & Roatan

Maple Leaf Signs in Roatan
I love ROA Chair in Roatan

Be it a watered down version of the "I Love NYC" motto, the "I love ROA" craze is alive and well in Roatan. 

The latest one to up the anti has been the Paradise Beach Hotel in West Bay, Roatan. They've retained the services of an able, 20-year old, custom furniture & sign maker (The Maple Leaf, S.A.) to build a giant chair and signage. The sign reads "I Love ROA". The "ROA", of course, comes from the first three letters in Roatan. 

The better story, however, is one of hard work, perseverance, and love. Years ago, a man from Argentina met a woman from Chile. They lived in British Columbia only to move once more to Roatan. There they started a custom signage business some 20 years ago. 2016 claimed the life the Argentine. But today, the business lives on, in the loving care of his son, Gessell.

The Maple Leaf in Roatan, is one of the long-standing, stable, businesses on the island. Some of the most famous eateries and hotels on the island bear a sign made by Maple Leaf and much of the custom furniture made on the island was made by Maple Leaf. 

The giant chair, which now sits (no pun intended) on the beach in front of the Paradise Beach Hotel, has served as a background to many a tourist visiting the island of Roatan. So remember the makers of the chair next time you're on the island. The chair is more than a photo-op backdrop. It's a memento, a piece of art, and a love story.