How does Roatan MLS work?

Technology is advancing at the speed of light. Innovative new business models are disrupting traditional markets around the world. But, the real estate industry’s been left behind. Vendors, buyers, and agents are locked into outdated online listing services that charge excessive fees to list properties while subjecting visitors to intrusive ads. These multiple listing services monopolize the market and dictate conditions, while also capturing and commoditizing your personal information. That’s all about to change. 

  • Blockchain

  • Data Distribution

  • Digital Currency

Blockchain Explained



MLS Revolution


Welcome to Roatan MLS. A revolutionary, new global listing platform where it’s free to list and search for properties. A platform where you won’t be bombarded by ads. Where you’re in complete control of your data. Where transactions take days, not months. A platform that pays you to participate. Roatan MLS Roatan connects vendors, buyers, and agents over a powerful open network that rewards you for your contributions. Roatan MLS combines three innovative technologies the blockchain, data distribution and digital currencies, to create the world’s most advanced, global real estate listing service. 



Digital vs. Fiat Currency


And, it’s completely free. Instead of money, Roatan MLS in Roatan uses a digital currency, the Roatan Token which enables frictionless transactions. Users are paid in Roatan MLS tokens to list properties or provide market data. Tokens can be exchanged within these platforms for features and services. Roatan MLS Roatan is hosted on a global Peer to Peer distributed network, so there’s no paywall or access restrictions. Anyone, anywhere in Roatan and around the world can list properties and view listing at no cost. 

If you’d like to join the real estate revolution, then visit the Roatan MLS of the future, today, to discover how Roatan MLS can help you save money, sell more properties, and transact real estate officially. 



Fast Secure Home Buying

Welcome to the world of fast, most secure and easy home buying. The Real Estate blockchain is the first cross-border, multi-language marketplace, utilizing blockchain to allow owners and brokers to list their properties. The technology also allows buyers to search and negotiate online with sellers to determine the best option for investment. Potential Real Estate buyers using the blockchain can easily become homeowners. 

Sales Cycle Explained


Real Estate Purchase


1) Reservation


Buyer finds a house on websites like Propy or Rex MLS. Prospective homeowners identify a property they like, and they put in a reservation request via a mobile app or website. 



2) Invitations


Seller’s broker gets notified about the reservation and invites other participants of the transaction into the process. 



3) Agreement


Buyer, Buyer’s Broker, Seller and Seller’s Broker sign the Purchase Agreement. Once signed by all parties, the agreement gets recorded on the Blockchain. 



4) Title Report


The title company uploads the title report, so Buyer and Seller can sign it. Then it gets recorded on the Blockchain. 



5) Disclosures


Seller’s Broker sends disclosure documents so that all parties can sign it. 



6) Settlements


The title company sends separate estimates to Buyer and Seller called Settlement Statements. 



7) Payments


After both parties sign their documents, all parties proceed to number seven where Buyers can pay for his new house with either US dollars, bitcoin or Ethereum. 



8) Addendum


Buyer and Seller sign the Addendum and record it on the blockchain. 



9) Blockchain


And the final step, all closing documents are uploaded to the Ethereum blockchain. And voila! The Title Deed is generated, and the Buyer is the new homeowner. 

Now you can use the blockchain address and retrieve non-sensitive information from the blockchain any time. The immutable records will serve as additional evidence of the deal details in courts. 


The Blockchain, explained