A Poem for Roatan:


“They say that dreamers cannot be doers.

That they have limits, limits they can't exceed, limits to keep them still...

But you must invent yourself, and then re-invent yourself again.

Become a life learner and be self-taught.

Believe in yourself.

Try at will, and when you do, never give up.

Go the distance. Go all the way.

There will be those who resist you, obstacles, and naysayers along the way.

But these oppressors and storytellers must be and will be overcome.

Dream. Rest. Think...And re-define yourself along the way.

No one on earth can fully understand you, liberate you, or empower you.

And while others will enable and encourage you along the way, remember that your limit is beyond the reach of others.

Keep an eye out for the rare, the remote, and the precious.

Fall in love, grow in love, and stay in love,

And when you come across the best place on earth, You'll call it home. You'll call it "Roatan."

Make Roatan your morning, your noon, and your night…

Make Roatan your spring, your fall, and your delight….

And in return, Roatan will turn you into an explorer, a hunter, and a native.

Only here will you find the life you love, and the life you want to remember. The life you want forever.

Roatan is the giver of many yesterdays and the promise of many more tomorrows.”

Produced by: Emilio F. Castillo
Inspired by: Charles Bukowski
Music by: Tony Anderson
Narrated by: Emilio F. Castillo