3rd Annual Senior's Luncheon

The third annual East End Seniors luncheon was one for the books. It was an epic event. The weather didn't co-operate, but we didn't let that put a stop to the fun. It was the liveliest, most fun party I've been to, especially one that was all seniors. 

The people arrived early, all of them eager to see friends they haven't seen since last year. They were served water and drinks while the band played and they mingled amongst each other. 
We had drawings throughout the day; people won trips on the Galaxy Wave to La Ceiba, many, and others won two foam pillows won baskets of food. The oldest person from each community was also given a food basket with $50.00 worth of food in it. 

Every attendee received a new pair of readers (glasses), and some volunteers blessed us from Clinica Esperanza (thank you Miss Peggy) to sit with every person and ensure they got the correct strength of reading glasses. For some of these people, it was an amazing thing to be able actually to see. 

Many thanks to Live Again Ministry (these people were put on the earth to love Roatán, and they do it with their whole hearts. Pastor Ronny, this party was for you, we missed you.) Thanks to Maria and her youth team, a fun and lively group, along with their entourage. 

The Galaxy Wave, Gio Chacana (Foam de Honduras, who donated pillows, water bottles, t-shirts, storage dishes, and umbrellas), Made in Roatán, Clinica Esperanza and Fresh Bakery for the cookies. Many thanks to Tranquil Seas Eco Lodge for providing transportation for the East End Volunteers. 

Thanks to those who provided money for the 40 baskets that were given away.

  • Jorge Chavez
  • Blue Island Divers
  • Blue Reef Properties
  • Robert McNeill
  • Jerry Hinds
  • Caroline Norcross
  • Sarah Vassen Farmer, "R" Church
  • South Shore Canopy
  • Cheryl Grant, Roatán Backpackers Hostel
  • Delia Pinnace
  • Celina Forbes
  • Rieba Page
  • Nicholas Fisher
  • Patty Baglivi
  • Judy Brownfield
  • Trish and Fred
  • Sully
  • Amy Murphy
  • Paul Bullion
  • Janice C.
  • Jeanie & Roger Moore 
  • Jeanette and Don Gartner

*Thank you to Daine for collecting the ice cream money, donated by many. Thank you ice cream donors! 

*Thanks to the musicians, Akeem Palmer and Dolfos Stanley. These guys had the place rocking, especially when they played "Kick the Devil Out." If the people weren't up dancing, they were chair dancing. Some of them couldn't just walk anywhere, they danced. It was fabulous. Even the beautiful minister from Helene was dancing! 
When the party was over, and it was time to go home the guests received ball caps, handkerchiefs for men and women, washcloth's, and toothpaste. 

The smiles on their faces as they left told the story of the day. They reconnected with old friends, saw neighbors they rarely see and were waited on and pampered, as they all so deserve. 

Thank you to all the volunteers, the ones that are always there, those who drove all the way from West End, it is a long haul, thanks to the new volunteers who are so appreciated.


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