Mangrove Tunnels


Mangrove Tunnels

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Come explore the REAL Roatan! - The Mangrove Tunnels are one of the most interesting tours on Roatan. 

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Roatan Mangrove Tunnel Videos

Three(3) facts about the Mangrove Tree


1) The Mangrove Tree store more carbon than just about all terrestrial based forest. These trees help entire communities weather the impacts of climate change. 

2) Study show that Mangrove may help fight coral bleaching, which is impacting almost all barrier reefs around the world. Bleaching occurs as oceans absorb more and more carbon. Mangrove tree absorb carbon that would otherwise be absorbed by our oceans. 

3) Mangrove of far more immune to the effects of Climate change. They are a resilient bunch. These trees are very much at home in a world that is not strictly land based nor ocean based. They are a hybrid tree able to survice with rising and lowering sea levels.