Open Water Refresher


Open Water Refresher


Refresh your scuba skills if you've been out of the water for a period of one year or more. 

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Open Water Diver Refresher

Experience unparalleled adventure and get your Scuba Diving adventure started. See the what lies beneath the waves. Explore and add more to your vacations by expanding your reach to the underwater world. Millions of people learn to dive and never regret it. Scuba Diving is a life long skill and passion. Get your certification started today. 

  • Must be ten years of age or older
  • Must have basic swimming skills
  • Must be in good physical health
  • No prior experience is needed

Pool Training
Once you are fitted with your Scuba gear, and after you've completed the in-classroom course, you will utilize what you learned in the classroom in the pool. You will learn basic equipment skills, how to clear your mask and retreive your regulator and you start to learn how to control your boyancy. 

Open Water Training
You will end your Open Water Diver course with your open dives. Open Water dives will mirror the activities you had in the pool, but at greater depths.